oThe Old River Lee (Lea) at Ware

The Old River Lea or the Amwell Loop as it sometimes known is situated in Ware and runs behind the garage in Star Street.
It was a favourite water of Izaak Walton and the bottom section is home to the oldest Trout fishery club in the Country, the Amwell Magna Trout fishing Club founded in 1831.
The Old River Lea is now fed from the River Lea Navigation at Tumbling Bay weir. We hold the fishing rights for ¾ mile of single bank from the weir to the Buntingford Bridge and for 200 yards on the opposite bank behind the factory units in Star Street from the weir to the iron railings on the Star Street bend.
The river does still hold a wonderful head of coarse fish, all types of coarse fish are there to be caught, Carp, Bream, Tench, Pike, Perch, Barbel, Chub, Roach, Rudd and some large Eels.
The river is now a ripple and pool type fishery, travel light, catch the resident fish in each swim and move on to the next. The weir pool at Tumbling Bay where most of the big fish hold up, can offer a full days fishing from the platforms.
This is now a Member’s only water.
This venue has a close season.