Bulletin 19
Febuary was a good month for Chub along the Towpath Fishery with catches coming from most stretches. The Conkers section at Broxbourne saw the most Chub caught with one angler banking 6 fish in a session which included 2 fish at 5lb7oz and the biggest going 6lb12oz, all caught on the Wag and Mag method. Anglers fishing Dobbs Weir opted to fish the tip using Bread and managed to catch Chub to 5lb2oz along with Trout, Chub were also coming out on the tip just below Dobbs Weir Lock.
The Mill Pool at Broxbourne has been fishing well for Pike this month with one angler stopping for a short 2hour session and banking 3 fish of 9lb, 10lb 4oz and 12lb all on Smelt.  Dobbs Weir also produced a nice 12lb Pike which fell for a piece of Lamprey.
Anglers fishing for Carp this month have done well with fish coming from Ware and Dobbs Weir, 2 fully scaled mirrors were caught just above Ware Lock on a white popup Boilie weighing in at 7lb and 13lb and in Dobbs Weir after a bit of a battle a fantastic 20lb 4oz Common Carp was landed.
Bream have been hard to find this month but one lucky angler managed to locate them about 100 yards below the A414 bridge at Stanstead Abbotts, he managed to catch 5 Bream with the biggest going 5lb all caught fishing the float and using Bread.
Perch have been very elusive this month but those angler fishing for them have been rewarded with some nice Perch, Ware town centre was a good venue with Perch to 3lb+ coming out.
With the river fishing season coming to an end next month time is short so grab your fishing gear hit the banks and try and catch that PB.