hello All

UPDATE: 24/08/21 - there are no more spaces available for the 21-22 season. if you are still interested in joining the club. read below for details on how to join the waiting list.

to apply for membership to the ware angling club please hit the "contact us" button and leave your full details and that you wish to join the club/be placed on the waitlist.

currently there is a 1-2 year waitlist. when you contact us I will send your details to our membership secretary and copy you in this email for future reference.

you will be placed onto the waitlist.

each year in May renewals take place for existing members. following renewals we will be able to offer any remaining tickets to those on the waitlist in date order from application.

New member tickets are offered from about mid May to mid June and you will receive an email from "clubmate" offering you to join the club around this time. once you have paid, uploaded a photo and received a receipt. the membership secretary will confirm payment and send you the "official club tickets".

if you are not offered a ticket during this time then unfortunately you will need to wait until a space becomes available to you in future seasons.

kind regards

Darren Nixon
Honorary General Secretary
Ware Angling club