Please be aware that the management of the FACEBOOK page on Social Media for Ware Angling Club is no longer supervised by any elected members of the Committee. Therefore any content, comments or photographs posted on the site, that have previously been controlled, is no longer possible.
The removal of these supervisors/administrators has been done without the Clubs permission by the Member who created the account on behalf of the club and at that time was a serving member of the Committee. He was a recognised manager of the FACEBOOK page when it was created. 
A report will be sent to FACEBOOK head office notifying them of this situation.
The FACEBOOK page has certainly been an excellent way in which the club can keep members regularly updated on events, catches and such like and had a great number of followers. 
The management team will look at the best way to create a NEW FACEBOOK  entry representing the Ware Angling Club.
Unfortunately there is no way that members or users of the page can be informed of this sad event until the next newsletter is published.

Regards The Committee for Ware Angling Club