the Ware angling club website is an advertisement for the club, it is a point of contact for potential new members who can browse our waters, obtain details of membership costs. it is also for 3rd party interest who wish to contact us for general enquiries and for other clubs looking to rent our waters or speak to us regarding match enquiries etc.

we do not share internal club matters on the open website, we do however have social media for up to minute live updates on all of our waters. i will however give a brief overview of where we are as a club at this present time.

Roydon Marina, this venue is a residential/Hospitality site and is very strictly monitored by the local authorities. due to the nature of this venue whenever Roydon is placed into a tier whereby the residential/hospitality sections are affected it will close for fishing. all other venues are currently unaffected and we as a club are working to the guidelines set up by the angling trust which can be found on their website.

we hope you have enjoyed your fishing in 2020 and i hope that fishing has brought some relief from what has been a challenging year for all of us

we wish you all the best for 2021

Darren Nixon
Honorary General Secretary