As you are all aware Fishing has been given the green light from Wednesday 13th May from the government. This is great news for all of us.

We will ensure our venues are back open at the earliest opportunity. We do however rent all of our waters (we do not own them) with different owners on various agreements. We will have to ensure we have their blessing which will require any required covid19 measures to be put in place.

we are making contact with our landlords to get our venues open as soon as we can. Some of these are on lockdown themselves currently and have been uncontactable during these times.

I am expecting each venue will be unique each requiring different considerations. Some may not want us back yet. This may be much easier for private fisheries/owned venues but for us it’s quite complex. And it’s unlikely to be a specific date/single solution for all venues.

This does NOT mean you can turn up to any ware angling venue from Wednesday onwards and fish. This could severely damage the clubs relationship with these venues going forward. this is illegal.

I can assure you that we are working on this. safety must remain as the highest priority along with assurances for the landlords, bailiffs and you the members.
Please remember also to renew you rod licences if you have not already. And consider joining the angling trust who have worked hard on our behalf to get angling reinstated.

We are all eager to get bank on the bank
We will keep you in the loop as we progress

Kind regards
Darren Nixon
Honorary General Secretary
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