Bulletin 30
July got of to a good start along the Towpath Fishery with reports of some excellent catches. Anglers fishing above Hertford Lock along the Dicker Mill section were rewarded with Dace, Bleak and some good Tench up to 3lb.
Dobbs Weir is still doing the business as anglers target the Chub and Bream. Chub to 8lb have been caught in the fast water this month fishing Halibut pellet on the tip. In the lower pool anglers fishing Maggot or Caster are enjoying good bags of small Roach and anglers fishing the feeder with Bread or Sweetcorn are bagging up with the Bream.
Good sport can be had just above the Carthagena Lock fishing the stick float with red Maggot as lots of small Chub and Roach are shoaling there, also some Tench have been caught.
Anglers fishing above Hardmead Lock are targeting the Carp on the surface with some success. One angler fishing dog biscuits on the surface banked 2 nice Mirror Carp with the biggest going 17lb8oz.
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