Bulletin 33
October was a good month for Perch on the Towpath Fishery with 3lb fish a plenty.
A number of matches were held at Broxbourne this month along the Conkers and Meadows sections. Edmonton and Tottenham AC fished their match early in the month with 12 anglers taking part. Top weight was 8lb which consisted of small Roach, 2nd was 6lb10oz which included a fantastic 3lb12oz Perch, the angler also lost a bigger Perch possibly 4lb plus, 3rd was 4lb3oz. The remaining anglers weighed in between 2lb15oz and 1lb2oz.
Ware AC fished their match on the Conkers on the 16th October, 9 anglers fished and all weighed in, top weight was 7lb7oz which included a very nice 2lb12oz Perch along with small silvers also losing 3 nice Chub, all caught using the Wag and Mag method fished to the far margin, 2ND was 3lb9oz fishing the pole and 3rd was 2lb12oz.
Large numbers of small Roach and Chublets are now gathering near the Crown at Broxbourne getting ready to push into the old Mill pool for the winter so don’t forget when it gets cold and tough on the Navigation give the old Mill pool a try.
A fantastic 6lb14oz Chub was caught using boilies on the section between Ware Lock and where the A10 crosses the Navigation by an unsuspecting Carp angler.