November was a good month for Perch, Chub and Roach on the Towpath Fishery.
Angler numbers were down along the Towpath Fishery during November but those that braved the cold and wet weather were rewarded with some excellent fishing. Those fishing Broxbourne were catching some good bags of Roach and small Chub fishing the waggler or stick float and using bread punch or red maggot.
Anglers fishing the last few hours of light targeting the big Perch and Pike were also being rewarded with Perch to over 3lb coming from the conkers section and Pike to just over 10lb along the Meadows. One angler fishing outside the Crown Pub caught 6 Pike between 3.00pm and 4.30pm sizes ranging from 2lb up to 7lb.
Anglers fishing the Navigation at Ware are catching Pike on lures up to 12lb and Chub to 4lb also Perch to 2lb.
Some good numbers of Bream are falling for Bread flake in Dobbs Weir with anglers catching them on the feeder, weighing up to 8lb.
Big Barbel are showing at Hertford with one angler banking a fantastic 15lb8oz fish along the Folly island section which fell for Luncheon meat.
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October was a good month for Perch on the Towpath Fishery with 3lb fish a plenty.
A number of matches were held at Broxbourne this month along the Conkers and Meadows sections. Edmonton and Tottenham AC fished their match early in the month with 12 anglers taking part. Top weight was 8lb which consisted of small Roach, 2nd was 6lb10oz which included a fantastic 3lb12oz Perch, the angler also lost a bigger Perch possibly 4lb plus, 3rd was 4lb3oz. The remaining anglers weighed in between 2lb15oz and 1lb2oz.
Ware AC fished their match on the Conkers on the 16th October, 9 anglers fished and all weighed in, top weight was 7lb7oz which included a very nice 2lb12oz Perch along with small silvers also losing 3 nice Chub, all caught using the Wag and Mag method fished to the far margin, 2ND was 3lb9oz fishing the pole and 3rd was 2lb12oz.
Large numbers of small Roach and Chublets are now gathering near the Crown at Broxbourne getting ready to push into the old Mill pool for the winter so don’t forget when it gets cold and tough on the Navigation give the old Mill pool a try.
A fantastic 6lb14oz Chub was caught using boilies on the section between Ware Lock and where the A10 crosses the Navigation by an unsuspecting Carp angler.
September was a good month for Perch and Chub along the Towpath Fishery.
Perch to just under 4lb have been caught along the section between Ware and Hardmead Lock by lure anglers. Big Chub are starting to show just below Ware Lock and Hardmead Lock and can be caught using the wag and mag technique. The big Chub are starting to gather along the conkers section at Broxbourne.
Bream to 8lb have been caught in Dobbs Weir this month falling for Bread flake or Sweetcorn, also Barbel to 9lb have been caught in the fast water of the weir on Halibut pellet.
Roach have been showing in numbers at Rye House opposite the speedway, anglers fishing the pole and using Bread punch or maggot had bags of Roach and Skimmers and the odd Bream.
Some good Tench to 5lb have been caught by Carp anglers above Hardmead Lock on Boilies.

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August is traditionally a quiet time on the Towpath Fishery as lots of anglers are away on their holidays but those on the bank had some success, Anglers fishing Dobbs Weir have had good results fishing for Barbel. One angler banked an impressive 4 fish in one session in the fast water of the weir ranging from 3lb up to 12lb, all on Luncheon meat.
Anglers fishing above Hertford Lock have had great success catching Dace, Rudd and Roach on the whip using red maggot.
Carp are still coming out above Hardmead Lock. Some anglers are choosing to fish dog biscuit on the surface and are having some success while others are fishing on the bottom with boilies, also with success.
Big bags of Bream are being caught between the A414 bridge at Stanstead Abbotts and the October Hole with anglers mainly fishing the feeder using Bread or Sweetcorn.
Pike and Perch are being caught along the length of the Towpath Fishery, by the lure anglers with the biggest Perch going 2lb11oz this month and the biggest Pike going 15lb just below the Stanstead Abbotts Lock.
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Bulletin 30
July got of to a good start along the Towpath Fishery with reports of some excellent catches. Anglers fishing above Hertford Lock along the Dicker Mill section were rewarded with Dace, Bleak and some good Tench up to 3lb.
Dobbs Weir is still doing the business as anglers target the Chub and Bream. Chub to 8lb have been caught in the fast water this month fishing Halibut pellet on the tip. In the lower pool anglers fishing Maggot or Caster are enjoying good bags of small Roach and anglers fishing the feeder with Bread or Sweetcorn are bagging up with the Bream.
Good sport can be had just above the Carthagena Lock fishing the stick float with red Maggot as lots of small Chub and Roach are shoaling there, also some Tench have been caught.
Anglers fishing above Hardmead Lock are targeting the Carp on the surface with some success. One angler fishing dog biscuits on the surface banked 2 nice Mirror Carp with the biggest going 17lb8oz.
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Bulletin 29
Once again its open season on the Towpath Fishery and a great start it has been with good numbers of anglers on the bank and large Bream, Chub and Carp being caught.

Dobbs Weir has been the place of choice for many anglers seeking the big Bream and they were not disappoint. One angler fishing the lower pool and fishing the feeder, using liquidized bread and bread flake as a hook bait banked 4 Large Bream ranging from 7lb 8oz up to 8lb 9oz. Another angler fishing the same spot a day latter also fishing the feeder but this time using sweetcorn as bait banked 3 Bream with the biggest going 9lb 8oz. Carp are also making an appearance in Dobbs Weir and anglers are catching them on Bread or Boilies.

Big Chub are laying up in the fast water in Dobbs Weir and anglers are taking advantage of this. One angler fishing the stick float and using Bread as bait banked 2 fantastic Chub weighing in at 5lb12oz and 7lb.

Large numbers of small Dace, Bleak and Roach are shoaling above Hertford Lock and would make a great days fishing using a short pole or whip, A good number of large Carp have also been seen in the area above the Lock.

Day tickets remain the same this season at £4 Adult and £2 Concession.