Latest advice from the EA: please Check, Clean & Dry your fishing equipment (especially your nets) every time you go fishing to help stop the spread of invasive species

Bulletin 15
October saw lots of Perch, Roach and Gudgeon caught along the Towpath Fishery. Hot spots for the Gudgeon were Dobbs Weir and the picnic area below Dobbs Weir where good bags of Roach were also being caught on red maggot and casters.
Some good size Chub started to show themselves this month with a 5lb3oz fish falling to a peace of bread flake on the tip just below Dobbs Weir Lock and also Chub to just over 5lb coming from the conkers stretch at Broxbourne.
Predator anglers are once more on the bank fishing for the Pike and Perch, Those fishing the weir pools had sucsses with Perch to 2lb8oz coming from Dobbs Weir on the lure and pike to 16lb from Fieldes Weir on dead baits. Some nice size Perch also being caught at Broxbourne by the Crown Pub with one angler landing a fantastic 4lb fish on sprats.
Carp are being caught in numbers right along the navigation, At Hertford one angler fishing with luncheon meat landed a nice 22lb mirror and a 10lb common, further down from Hertford another angler managed to bank 3 carp ranging from 12lb upto 18lb with one of them being a nice ghost carp
The section just above Dobbs Weir has also produced some big carp biggest reported at 26lb.
Some matches were held this month on the Towpath Fishery one behind the pub at Dobbs Weir 6 anglers fished and the top weight was 5lb7oz of Roach, Perch and Gudgeon.