and more RAIN will it ever stop?. January has all but been a wash out on the Towpath Fishery with water levels ever rising with more and more colour in the water anglers have stayed away. Those anglers that have braved the weather and conditions have been rewarded with some nice catches, hot spots include the lock cut above Dobbs Weir Lock were lots of small Roach have been shoaling up and being taken on red maggot fishing the pole, Other hot spots include the Old Mill Pool at Broxbourne where plenty of small Roach and predators are being caught, One angler fishing for Chub in the Mill Pool with a large piece of bread flake as bait was surprised when a Pike of 6-7lb took the bait. Chub are starting to show just below Ware Lock, I had reports of Chub being caught up to 7lb on the tip. On the days where the water colour cleared very briefly Perch up to 2lb 7oz were coming out below Hardmead Lock on Lobworm. Just a quick note to all you Pike anglers, towards the end of February the large female Pike will start to gather below Ware Lock and down to the library car park bend in preparation for spawning, so get it right and you will have a good days fishing.

due to the relentless rain the club's Pretty Lake is flooded at the moment. with at least another week of rain yet to come this will not recede just yet. on the bright side there were 4 anglers on the lake having a go!