Members are asked to submit any photographs a maximum of three, taken between 18th December 2014 and 1st March 2015 on any Ware Angling Club venues. These picture will  be viewed by a panel and a winner selected, this competition is to encourage more photographs of the clubs venues and catches to be available for display on our website.
If you would like to enter the competition it is for members only, please send your picture(s) remember a maximum of three, to wareanglingclub@yahoo.co.uk, giving your name, membership number and the location of the photograph.
There will be a prize for the selected winning photograph.
Suitable photographs will also be added to the clubs website. 
Bulletin 16
November saw a number of matches take place along the Towpath Fishery, Lee Division fished Rye House, 7 anglers fished and they all managed to catch manly Perch, Roach and a Trout.
Hemmel Street Social Club fished along the lock cut above Dobbs Weir Lock by the café, 7 members fished and manly Perch were caught with the top weight coming from nearest the lock gates.
Large numbers of good size Perch have been showing at Stanstead Abbotts with one angler managing  to bag 6 fish ranging from 2lb3oz up to 2lb9oz, Also a nice Perch weighing in at 3lb7oz was fooled by a lure below Hardmead Lock.
Some cracking Tench weighing in at 6lb and 7lb have fallen to the wag and mag tactics along the conkers stretch at Broxbourne this month along with some good size Chub.
Dobbs Weir was the place to be for one lucky angler this month, whilst fishing a large Halibut pellet in the upper part of the weir he was rewarded with a fantastic 15lb Barbel.
Dobbs Weir also played host to another fantastic fish this time a 7lb14oz Brown Trout cock fish which was caught on a piece of bread flake.
Good numbers of Pike are coming out along the Towpath Fishery on lures and dead baits with the biggest pike coming from above Stanstead Abbots Lock which weighed in at 13lb.
Latest advice from the EA: please Check, Clean & Dry your fishing equipment (especially your nets) every time you go fishing to help stop the spread of invasive species

Bulletin 15
October saw lots of Perch, Roach and Gudgeon caught along the Towpath Fishery. Hot spots for the Gudgeon were Dobbs Weir and the picnic area below Dobbs Weir where good bags of Roach were also being caught on red maggot and casters.
Some good size Chub started to show themselves this month with a 5lb3oz fish falling to a peace of bread flake on the tip just below Dobbs Weir Lock and also Chub to just over 5lb coming from the conkers stretch at Broxbourne.
Predator anglers are once more on the bank fishing for the Pike and Perch, Those fishing the weir pools had sucsses with Perch to 2lb8oz coming from Dobbs Weir on the lure and pike to 16lb from Fieldes Weir on dead baits. Some nice size Perch also being caught at Broxbourne by the Crown Pub with one angler landing a fantastic 4lb fish on sprats.
Carp are being caught in numbers right along the navigation, At Hertford one angler fishing with luncheon meat landed a nice 22lb mirror and a 10lb common, further down from Hertford another angler managed to bank 3 carp ranging from 12lb upto 18lb with one of them being a nice ghost carp
The section just above Dobbs Weir has also produced some big carp biggest reported at 26lb.
Some matches were held this month on the Towpath Fishery one behind the pub at Dobbs Weir 6 anglers fished and the top weight was 5lb7oz of Roach, Perch and Gudgeon.

Bulletin 14
September saw lots of small Perch and Gudgeon being caught, mainly in and around the Dobbs Weir area, in general there seems to be lots of Gudgeon around this season up and down the Towpath Fishery.
Some nice Bream and Carp are being caught from the picnic area below Dobbs Weir, with one angler catching 3 Common Carp up to 20lb12oz, 5 Bream, some small Chub and Perch during a weekend session.
Dobbs Weir itself is fishing ok with one angler banking a nice 10lb Barbel from the fast water in the upper weir on luncheon meat, he then went on to fish the lower pool for Bream with no joy but when retrieving a small Roach a large Pike managed to attach itself to it and the Pike was successfully landed and weighed in at 12lb.
Pike are now becoming very active along the navigation with many anglers having small Roach and Gudgeon snatched from their hooks so with October arriving it might be time to dust down the pike gear.
A fantastic 32lb Mirror Carp was caught on the navigation at Hertford this month, on a lump of luncheon meat
A lure fishing angler was surprised at Stanstead Abbotts when a 6lb6oz Trout grabbed his lure instead of his intended quarry the Perch.

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Bulletin 13
August started hot and sunny with plenty of anglers on the bank, Carp featured heavily this month on the Towpath Fishery, with the hot weather they were on the top and anglers were taking advantage with some nice commons, the biggest, 21lb coming from the Hardmead Lock area, also from below Dobbs Weir in the picnic area, 2 commons, a 12lb and one of 11lb were caught. Between Hertford and Ware carp to 29lb have been caught.
Dobbs Weir has been producing some big Bream this month with one angler catching 3 Bream in one session 6lb,7lb and a magnificent 12lb4oz specimen all on the tip with double red maggot. Barbel to 11lb are coming from the fast water mainly on halibut pellets, Bream also coming from below the weir on the picnic site to 8lb along with plenty of Perch up to 2lb.
Roach are being caught on elderberry above Carthagena Lock on the pole also at Rye House.
Bream are showing in big numbers by the A414 Bridge at Stanstead Abbotts with some anglers achieving big bags on the tip fishing red maggot or sweetcorn.
September can be an excellent month for fishing the River Lea Navigation give it a go.
Bulletin 12
Edmonton and Tottenham fished a match at Rye House at the start of July, a total of 9 anglers fished and they all weighed in, first place was won with 43lb which was mainly Bream, total weight from all 9 anglers was 88lb, Hertford A.C also fished a match at Rye House only 5 fished top weight was 3lb4oz with a total weight from all anglers of 11lb.
Bream are showing mainly at Stanstead Abbotts above the Lock and by the A414 bridge with many anglers catching good bags on mainly sweetcorn or dead red maggots, I had reports of one angler bagging over 130lb of Bream by the bridge and another above Stanstead Lock bagging 60lb of Bream.
Carp are being caught off the top above and below Hardmead Lock to around 18lb.
Small Barbel are being caught from the upper part of Dobbs Weir in the fast water on pellet or luncheon meat while some nice Tench are coming from the lower pool up to 7lb on sweetcorn or worm.
Bulletin 11
It is open season on the Towpath Fishery for 2014/15 and it has started with bright sunny days and already there are plenty of anglers on the bank of the fishery
On Monday 16th June Dobbs Weir was the place to be with some good fish coming out, including two Mirror Carp weighing in at 17lb and 19lb, both were caught on boilies in the lower pool of the weir. Bream were also making an appearance being caught on the tip with bread flake, the best fish was caught in the upper pool, a 6lb8oz Chub taken off the top with bread crust.
Later on in the week Bream were being caught by the A414 road bridge at Stanstead Abbotts, on the tip using red maggots, also above Stanstead Lock on the broad water.
On Thursday 19th June, a junior fishing match was held on the Dicker Mill section of the Towpath Fishery at Hertford, organised by the Herts County Action Group, 40 young anglers fished and 90% managed to catch. Top weight was a single Mirror Carp tipping the scales at 13lb 6oz, Second place was a bag full of Roach and Dace weighing in at 5lb 2oz.
Carp are making an appearance above Ware Lock with one angler managing to catch 7 Carp over 4 days, the biggest at 17lb.
Its now the start of a new coarse fishing season for those waters where we have to observe the close season. The club hope that you have some good fishing and let us know how you get on. Enjoy your fishing.

Presidents Message;
Welcome to Ware Angling Club. The club was born in the back room of The White Swan public house in Ware in 1968 by our founder and first President ‘ Mr Alf Hanmore.’ In its first year the club had 35 members and the subs were paid on a monthly basis of one shilling and sixpence or seven and a half pence in today’s money, that is 90p a year.

In the early days the Club had its junior and adult members and they travelled far and wide to the away club matches, by coach. There was also a strong following of anglers who formed a sea fishing section and they travelled to the coast to fish from the piers and those with the stomach for it went and fished the wrecks from a boat.
please go to the "about us" page for the full message
For 2014 we have taken on an additional venue to add to our portfolio of fisheries. Roydon Marina Village. the club had this venue for one year back in 2009 but the licence was not renewed due to the 315 berth marina that was built. This has now been completed and we have been invited back. fishing is restricted to the main body of water away from the marina village area. this site has excellent facilities available to club members, full details including the rules are available to our members via the annual handbook received with your new membership. please visit the club venue section of the website for more details
if anyone is looking for a local carp day ticket fishery then the Lee valley Banjo and Stock pits have been fishing very well in recent months with good captures reported. for more details click on the link at the bottom of the home page of this website. or visit the lee valley fisheries website http://www.visitleevalley.org.uk/go/fisheries/
 remember if you see anglers fishing out of season on those waters where the close season is imposed report it to the Environment Agency 0800 80 70 60
Whilst they may not be able to react immediately if there is no enforcement officer in the area it will enable them to collate the areas where it is frequently occurring and direct patrols accordingly.

and more RAIN will it ever stop?. January has all but been a wash out on the Towpath Fishery with water levels ever rising with more and more colour in the water anglers have stayed away. Those anglers that have braved the weather and conditions have been rewarded with some nice catches, hot spots include the lock cut above Dobbs Weir Lock were lots of small Roach have been shoaling up and being taken on red maggot fishing the pole, Other hot spots include the Old Mill Pool at Broxbourne where plenty of small Roach and predators are being caught, One angler fishing for Chub in the Mill Pool with a large piece of bread flake as bait was surprised when a Pike of 6-7lb took the bait. Chub are starting to show just below Ware Lock, I had reports of Chub being caught up to 7lb on the tip. On the days where the water colour cleared very briefly Perch up to 2lb 7oz were coming out below Hardmead Lock on Lobworm. Just a quick note to all you Pike anglers, towards the end of February the large female Pike will start to gather below Ware Lock and down to the library car park bend in preparation for spawning, so get it right and you will have a good days fishing.

due to the relentless rain the club's Pretty Lake is flooded at the moment. with at least another week of rain yet to come this will not recede just yet. on the bright side there were 4 anglers on the lake having a go!
MP TOWPATH BAILIFF 25/01/14  Lots of pike coming out of the Mill Pool at Broxbourne today including one of 7lb caught on a large lump of bread flake, The angler was trying for Chub.

MP TOWPATH BAILIFF 21/01/14 Had reports of some big Chub being caught just below Ware Lock up to 7lb.

MP TOWPATH BAILIFF 21/01/14 Chub are being caught again along the conkers at Broxbourne now that the water colour has started to improve.

DF 13/01/14 an angler fishing at Broxbourne Meadows caught a trout of 1lb 8 oz another angler had a nice chub of 4lb 8oz on bread today

MP TOWPATH BAILIFF 11/01/14 as the water is losing its colour and dropping some anglers are getting out and giving it ago, lure anglers were finding Jack Pike above Stanstead Abbotts Lock today, others were catching Roach around 6-7 inch next to the 414 bridge at Stanstead Abbotts on the tip.

MP TOWPATH BAILIFF 10/01/14 lots of Roach being caught in the Old Mill Pool at Broxbourne today on single red maggot.
Broxbourne Civic Hall have a new show this March which may be of interest to your members and I wondered if you would be interested in possibly sending this out to them? River Monsters Face-to-Face, with Jeremy Wade Friday 14 March, 7.30pm Broxbourne Civic Hall Man-sized piranhas, fish that electrocute, nine-foot river sharks (yes, riversharks) … You’ve seen the programmes; now find out what it takes to deliver these outlandish creatures to your living room – and why nobody had done it before. Join the presenter of the global hit series River Monsters, biology teacher and angler turned seat-of-the-pants explorer Jeremy Wade, for an evening of mystery, mayhem and monster wrangling. What do you do when something grabs your hand in a pitch-dark underwater cave? When your aircraft engine fails above the Amazon jungle? When a doctor tells you about fish boring people to death? And why is it all worthwhile? It’s also a rare chance to put your own questions to Jeremy - but catching him when he’s not on an Amazon riverboat or living in a cockroach-infested hut is just like catching a fish: you must be in the right place at the right time…. Tickets £18, concessions and under 16s £12. Call the Box Office on 01992 441946 or click on the book online logo. "The greatest angling explorer of his generation" Independent on Sunday More information is available at the River Monsters website.
Bob Hornegold has had a very successful year whilst fishing the Old river and the relief channel at Fishers Green. Targeting the chub he caught plenty of fish from 3lb 8oz up to a beauty of 9lb. One of only a few reported at this weight in recent times. bob has also had some excellent catches from the River Lee Navigation at Ware in 2013 - Large Perch including ones of 2lb 8oz, 3lb 4oz and one of 4lb - Bob also plans to write a book this year in memory of a good friend lost to cancer in 2013 and plans to donate the proceeds to Cancer Research UK. Well done Bob Hornegold on your 2013 captures and good luck for 2014. please check the Gallery section for Photo's

December saw large numbers of Perch ranging from 1lb8oz up to 4lb being caught at Stanstead Abbotts mainly on Lobworms and some on lures. Ware town centre also produced some nice Perch biggest weighing in at 3lb15oz also on Lobworm. Carp were showing themselves on the Folly Island at Hertford, anglers were fishing boilies and producing Carp up to 18lb. With plenty of colour in the water, later in the month Bream up to 6lb were being caught on the broadwater above Stanstead Lock, mostly on sweet corn fishing the feeder. The Towpath Fishery restocking program started this month with 350 Tench supplied by the Environment Agency going into stretches of the Lee Navigation. Chub are still coming out along the conkers at Broxbourne but with gin clear water at the beginning of the month it was hard work. The Broxbourne mill pool is still producing plenty of sport for the Roach angler, with roach coming out one a chuck on bread punch or maggot, also Gudgeon and the odd Dace. Not many Pike anglers on the bank this month but one angler landed a nice 10lb4oz Pike at Rye House on Dead bait. TOWPATH FISHERY BAILIFF.